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New Widen infographic shows why digital asset management is a critical component in the marketing technology ecosystem

We believe DAM, as an engine for building enjoyable customer experiences, is the foundation to the marketing technology ecosystem. DAM represents the piece of the martech puzzle that provides central command for deploying visual content and rich media assets that help marketers connect with...
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New Widen Whitepaper: The Digital Asset Lifecycle

If you work in marketing or creative, you know what it’s like to deal with lots of files. Between artwork, photos, videos, versions, and approvals, things get complicated fast. As difficult as they can be to deal with, these digital assets are key to representing and selling your company or product....
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Digital Asset Management for creative teams on-demand webinar

Why is DAM for creatives such a hot topic NOW? As design and business intersect more and more, it is be critical for creative teams to embrace solutions like digital asset management in order to stay productive and keep focused on doing what they do best, which is being creative. The overarching...
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Widen's Response to the 10 Characteristics of a Digital Asset Management System

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Keathley wrote a piece issued by the DAM Foundation to help identify a DAM system. The post, What is a DAM? The 10 Characteristics of a Digital Asset Management System, looks to clarify what DAM systems are and are not. Later, the DAM Foundation came out with a revised...
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DAM for Today's Marketing World Presentation

We recently had the opportunity to talk about DAM with fellow Madisonians at a Smart Series seminar hosted by Suttle-Straus. Suttle-Straus is one of Widen’s local technology and service partners offering a full range of web-to-print and integrated marketing services. They’re also one of the largest...